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Saipan Education

Pacific Historic Parks hosts programs for teachers and students to remember, honor, and understand the sacrifices and courage of the people of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands (CNMI) and military personnel involved in the World War II Marianas Campaign.  Our Education Department provides guided field trips and tours, outreach presentations, educational programming, and teacher professional development workshops. Join us as we investigate the lives of island residents and soldiers, uncover CNMI’s pivotal role in ending World War II, and reflect on the war’s enduring legacies.


History Talks

History Talks is a live virtual education and interpretive webinar series, featuring
survivors, eyewitness civilians, historians and authors who dive deep into the history of World War II in the Pacific. CNMI Historians, Don A. Farrell and Dr. Jessica Jordan are featured here, sharing their knowledge of CNMI History, focusing on World War II topics in the Northern Mariana Islands.


Pacific Historic Parks Sugar King Park Geocache Adventure

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