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Curriculum Companion
Book Series

Pacific Historic Parks has produced lesson plan units that align with selected World War II books. Each curriculum companion consists of a lesson plan for teachers and ready-made worksheets for students. These educational resource packages offer innovative and creative learning opportunities for the youth, so they may better understand the strength and sacrifice of those who lived through World War II on Guam

The Ragdoll and the Marine: A Memoir

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By: Nicole A. Calvo

Subject and reading grade levels: English Language Arts, Reading, History, Social Studies, Middle School, High School

All her life, Nicole heard stories from her mother, Natty, about a gift she received when she was a child at the end of the war on Guam. It was a ragdoll that was lovingly placed in her hands from an unknown but kind US Marine after she and her family were released from the concentration camp at Manenggon. Follow Nicole’s journey in “The Ragdoll and The Marine” as she and her mother - 57 years later - search for the soldier whose small act of kindness brought Natty hope, peace, and joy for the future. With the help of family and a strong faith in the divine, both Nicole and Natty’s lives are changed forever as they overcome personal obstacles and find meaning in the conflicting war legacies on the people of Guam

The Story of Word War II in Guam: Color & Learn

Color and Learn Front Cover (PNG).png

By: Pacific Historic Parks

Suggested subject and reading grade level: Guam History, Social Studies, Elementary School

Color and learn about what happened on Guam during World War II, beginning with the Japanese attack on the island in December 1941. The lives of the CHamoru people were changed forever when Japanese forces took control of the island. Two and a half years later, a battle for Guam ensues between American and Japanese soldiers, with CHamoru people caught in the middle. Read about the legacies of the war and how the people of Guam worked to preserve their past, all of which have continued to embody messages of sacrifice, strength, hope, and peace for Guam’s future generations. This book provides a glimpse of the myriad of stories of the people of Guam during that tragic time.

The Pictorial History of Guam Liberation - 1944

LiberationCover (PNG).png

By: Don A. Farrell

Suggested subject and reading grade level: Guam History, US History, World War II, High School, College

This comprehensive resource covers the historical events leading up to the invasion of Guam, the international political circumstances that resulted in the Japanese occupation of the island, the American efforts to recapture Guam; and how these historical events have affected both the island and its people. This book is replete with pertinent and impactful images of historical photographs, maps, and drawings that will help readers gain a deeper understanding of the hardships of the war

Guam World War II Virtual Reality Curriculum Companion

WWII VR Curriculum Companion Cover.jpg

Suggested subject and reading grade level:Guam History, US History, World War II, High School, College

 This lesson plan is best used in conjunction with the Pacific Historic Parks Guam World War II Virtual Reality program. This lesson focuses on primary sources, which offers a wealth of benefits to students. They prompt students to interpret events, understand points of view, and question various perspectives of history. A thoughtful analysis of primary sources requires critical thinking skills. Students determine points of view, evaluate bias, classify, compare and contrast, and read for detail. While textbooks often present a single interpretation of events, primary sources compel readers to supply his or her own interpretation. Through analyzing primary sources, students can draw conclusions about a historical subject, time, place, and purpose.

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