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Join with us to honor and preserve the legacy of those whose valor and courage, struggles and sacrifices gave us the freedoms we enjoy today. Your participation ensures that we will never forget the heroes of the World War II generation.

  • $36 will provide vegetation clearing tools for a volunteer service group
  • $67 will provide a memorabilia bag for a Make-A-Wish child
  • $152 will provide a virtual reality tour for a group of 30 school children
  • $261 will provide transportation to the National Park for 100 school students
  • $557 will provide for the oral history recording of one member of the WWII generation

"My wife Roberta and I have been supporting Pacific Historic Parks for many years because we believe in remembering, honoring and providing the generations to come a means of understanding World War II in the Pacific in its entirety, and we have a specific passion for those who fought at Pearl Harbor." — George Sullivan, volunteer