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Guam Geocaching
Hagatña Adventure

Pacific Historic Parks is digitally preserving the story of World War II through a modern, virtual platform using the Geocaching Adventure Lab® app. The Geocaching Adventure Lab® experience is a combination of traditional geocaching (usually an in-person experience of hunting for caches at an outdoor site) and learning about the site using virtual resources, where players have the ability to learn more by viewing short videos, reading text narrative, and observing change over time by looking at historical pictures related to the site on a mobile device.


Rediscover Guam’s historic capital of Hagåtña. Peer into a Japanese tunnel, take a stroll through the Plaza, walk on a Spanish bridge that survived World War II bombardment, and uncover the meaning behind old structures and monuments.


Embark on Pacific Historic Parks’ geocaching adventure and answer riddles that can be solved at different places found within walking distance in Hagåtña!Every time you get the correct answer, you will be given access to a special video filled with fascinating tidbits about each unique place.


Bring the whole family for a fun outdoor educational experience and play Pacific Historic Parks’ Geocaching Hagåtña Adventure!


Before going on this adventure, you'll need to do the following:

1. Download the free Adventure Lab app on an Apple or Android device


2. Once in the app, create a free account


3. Go to Plaza de España in Hagatña to access this Adventure in the
Adventure Lab® mobile app by scanning this QR code or search and select
“Guam Geocaching Hagatña Adventure.”

QR Code.png

You must have an active data connection in order to do the adventure.Completing all 7 riddles will take you on a loop around Hagåtña that is about 1.5 miles in length. Bring good walking shoes, water, sunscreen, bug repellant, and have fun exploring Guam’s historical sites.

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