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at Pacific Historic Parks

Historic sites, such as the ones found in your park, generate excitement and curiosity as well as encourage imagination. Visiting local sites can help students make important connections between social and scientific disciplines and nurture an appreciation of preserving their island's cultural, natural, and historical heritage.

Pacific Historic Parks invites you to enhance classroom learning and broaden the learning experience for all youth. Utilize the park's resources and connect the standards taught in your class with a visit to the park.

Living the Legacy of Pearl Harbor Leihok

Pearl Harbor National Memorial

We welcome students and educators from across the country and the world to participate in our programs. Connect classroom content and instruction with place-based learning at Pearl Harbor National Memorial. Students and educators will be immersed in the culture and history of Pearl Harbor through; Educational activities, technology, documentary of Pearl Harbor and a boat ride to the USS Arizona Memorial. Tickets for school groups are free and can be reserved up to a year in advance. Please read through our Field Trip and School Presentation Request Guide before requesting for a visit.

War in the Pacific National Historical Park

Pacific Historic Parks educators have worked in partnership with local teachers at War in the Pacific National Historical Park to design and prepare curriculum materials for visiting teachers and students. Our aim is to provide an enriching and valuable experience for each and every student who comes our way. Classes are encouraged to go to the Visitor Center for a free movie, interact with exhibits, and explore an outdoor park site on their own.

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American Memorial Park

American Memorial Park is a “living memorial” and a place of remembrance that offers visitors diverse cultural, natural, and recreation opportunities. Bring your class to the park to observe the memorials that honor the people involved in the World War II Marianas Campaign, explore the paths and shores along the park’s 133 acres, and take a walk through history in the Visitor Center. We offer curriculum-based programs involving hands-on investigations taught by park educators. We also can visit your classroom and speak to students about the impact of World War II on Saipan.

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