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Sacrifice for Freedom: World War II in the Pacific Student & Teacher Institute , sponsored by the Pearl Harbor Historic Site partners, provides an exceptional opportunity for 16 student/teacher teams to study World War II in the Pacific in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Past teacher participants noted that the institute was a significant professional development experience that changed how they viewed World War II in the Pacific. Student participants reported that the research Hawaii-based learning activities challenged their thinking and expanded their perspective of history.

To see an overview of the 2021 program click here. 

Click below to view the student eulogies of their silent heroes

Pvt Manfred Anderson - Team Michigan 2.jpg
Cpl Elmer John Elsey - Team Illinois 2.jpg
Maj Bernays Thurston - Team Indiana 2.jpg
S2c Ernest Keaouli Sur - Team Hawaii 2.jpg
Pvt William G. Turner - Team Iowa 2.jpg
P1c Gordon Eshom Shive & R3c Malcolm Holman Shive - Team California 2.jpg
F1c Jim Hal Johnston - Team Mississippi 2.jpg
2Lt Kathryn McCarthy - Team New York 2.png
1Lt Bernard C. Harlow - Team Virginia 2.jpg
SM3 Arthur Engebretson Jr - Team Minnesota 2.jpg
F1c Grant Clark Cook Jr - Team Nebraska 2.jpg
GySgt Willam Barnes - Team Pennsylvania 2.jpg
Lt Lyle Slocumb - Team North Dakota 2.jpg
Maj Bernard Cluzen - Team Montana 2.jpg
S1c Lawrence James Waskiewicz - Team Georgia.png
Virginia Peng - Team Virginia
Tryon Calleroz - Team North Carolina
Samuel Skinner - Team Minnesota
Naia Peery - Team New York
Layla Ashley - Team Illinois
Lauren Dears - Team Montana
Kate Dickerson - Team Mississippi
Isabeller Gibbs - Team Iowa
Henley Lynch - Team Indiana
Anna Elsen - Team North Dakota
Arsh Mengi - Team California
Braeden Miller - Team Pennsylvania
Caleb Nimee - Team Michigan

Thank you to all our wonderful sponsors


National History Day


National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific


Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum


Pacific Fleet Submarine Museum Association


Battleship Missouri Memorial

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