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Pacific Historic Parks
Sugar King Park Adventure

Pacific Historic Parks is digitally preserving the story of World War II through a modern, virtual platform using the Geocaching Adventure Lab® app. The Geocaching Adventure Lab® experience is a
combination of traditional geocaching (usually an in-person experience of hunting for caches at an outdoor site) and learning about the site using virtual resources, where players have the ability to learn more by reading narratives and observing change over time by looking at historical pictures related to the site on a mobile device.

Take the whole family on a fun outdoor educational experience and play Pacific
Historic Parks’ Sugar King Park Adventure! Rediscover Saipan’s Sugar King Park in
Garapan. Begin your adventure at the NMI Museum of History & Culture. Then safely
make your way across the street to Sugar King Park where you can learn more about
Saipan’s history leading up to World War II.

Geocaching Photo 1.jpg

Embark on Pacific Historic Parks’ geocaching adventure and solve riddles using clues at
different places found in the surrounding area. When you get the correct answer, you
will be able to view a historical photo of the site.

Geocaching Photo 2.jpg

Before going on this adventure, you'll need to do the following:

1. Download the free Adventure Lab app on an Apple or Android device


2. Once in the mobile app, create a free account.


3. Go to NMI Museum of History & Culture in Garapan in the
Adventure Lab® mobile app and scan this QR code or search and
select “Pacific Historic Parks Sugar King Park Adventure.”

QR code.png
Geocaching Photo 3.jpg

Complete the adventure by solving all 5 riddles. Bring good walking shoes, water,
sunscreen, bug repellant, and have fun exploring Saipan’s historical sites. You must
have an active data connection to do the adventure.


For a limited time, come down to the American Memorial Park Visitor Center and visit
us at the bookstore. Show us that you completed your Adventure (verification
through username account on the app using your mobile device) to win a FREE prize!
One prize per username/mobile device.

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