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    American Memorial Park

    American Memorial Park offers youth a variety of cultural, natural, and recreational opportunities. Join art classes held on park grounds and meet local talented artists ranging from painting, beading, banana printing, and photography. Read and discuss books found at the Pacific Historic Parks museum store that showcase the lives of people affected by World War II. Discover the deep connection between the history of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Spend the summer hiking to World War II sites to explore the island’s rich heritage. Dress up as important historical figures at the Visitor Center. Learn about soldiers of the past and connect with island soldiers of today. Join the Pacific Historic Parks Education Department as they provide memorable experiences in the park that honor the sacrifices of American military personnel and island residents involved in the World War II Marianas Campaign.

    Program Descriptions

    To learn more about any of these education programs and how you can play a part in preserving history, please contact the Pacific Historic Parks Education Department at saipaned@PacificHistoricParks.org.