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Field Trip Programs

Pacific Historic Parks (PHP) recognizes that youth-focused programs are key to perpetuating the history and memory of events and people who lived through and died during World War II in the Pacific. PHP supports educators of all grade levels, encouraging participation in our field trip programs that aim to extend student learning beyond the classroom. The Northern Mariana Islands (NMI) had a significant role in World War II. The Battles of Saipan and Tinian took place in these islands, and students still see the many remnants of these battles throughout the islands.

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Teachers and students are invited to visit American Memorial Park where unique opportunities for learning about the past are available. The park documentary, “An Island Called Saipan” provides an overview of the events that took place in the Pacific during World War II. After the film, students enter the museum exhibit which takes them through time, highlighting important parts of NMI history, focusing on events of the war. Students are then guided to walk through the park, visiting memorials that honor the American servicemen and Marianas people who lost their lives during the Marianas campaign of World War II. The park grounds include Japanese pillboxes and other remnants of World War II that are highlighted in their visit. Field trip programs can extend outside of the park grounds, highlighting important historical sites throughout the island that tell the story of World War II through different perspectives. Pacific Historic Parks works in partnership with the National Park Service and other community partners to provide education programs that connect personal meaning to the stories of World War II.

For more information on our field trip programs, please contact Jovannalyn Mafnas, Pacific Historic Parks Education Specialist at or (670) 234-7207 Ext: 2020/2007.

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