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Meet Harrison, a fifth grader who loves history and wants children his age to learn about the attack on Pearl Harbor that happened more than 82 years ago.

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Help Harrison reach his
$100,000 Goal!!!!

$98,296 of $100,000 donated

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Meet the 11-year old

Raising 100k to Honor the

Heroes of Pearl  Harbor 

Discovering USS Arizona Harrison Johnson Landmark Project

Let's raise $100K together to help boys and girls like me remember our Pearl Harbor Heroes!

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This pint-sized history buff is on a mission to help preserve the legacies of Dec 7's heroes

Harrison's Heroes! Harrison shares why he started his fundraising journey

Meet 11-year-old Harrison Johnson. His third-grade history project led him to learn about Pearl Harbor.  His research came to life after a visit to Pearl Harbor National Memorial, home of the USS Arizona Memorial. Upon his return home to North Carolina, he announced his desire to raise $100,000 to support the continued remembrance on this important memorial.

Pacific Historic Parks is the non-profit cooperating association of the National Park Service in stewardship of Pearl Harbor.  Our mission is to Remember, Honor and Understand World War II in the Pacific.  


Sadly many schools are no longer teaching the lessons of the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor and how our country, led by our greatest generation, rallied and beat the forces of tyranny.   

We are pleased this fundraising campaign is being led by this inspiring young man.

 Become a hero today!!  Help Harrison meet his goal.  

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