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Sat, Dec 14


War in the Pacific Historical Park

Pacific Heritage Gala

Celebrating Our History, Preserving Our Future

Pacific Heritage Gala
Pacific Heritage Gala

Time & Location

Dec 14, 2024, 10:00 AM HST – Dec 15, 2024, 10:00 AM HST

War in the Pacific Historical Park, War in the Pacific National Historical Park, Guam

About the event

Join us for an unforgettable evening at the "Pacific Heritage Gala: Celebrating Our History, Preserving Our Future," a special fundraising event in support of the War in the Pacific National Historical Park. Immerse yourself in the rich history of the Pacific theater during World War II while contributing to the preservation and enhancement of this significant historical site.

Event Highlights:

  1. Interactive Exhibits: Experience immersive exhibits that bring to life the stories, struggles, and triumphs of the brave individuals who fought in the Pacific theater during World War II. Explore authentic artifacts, photos, and narratives that offer a glimpse into the past.
  2. Guest Speaker Series: Listen to captivating talks by renowned historians, veterans, and experts in Pacific WWII history. Gain insight into the pivotal battles, strategies, and personal anecdotes that shaped the course of history.
  3. Live Entertainment: Enjoy live performances that showcase the diverse cultures and traditions of the Pacific region. From traditional music and dance to contemporary interpretations, the entertainment will highlight the resilience and unity of the Pacific communities.
  4. Silent Auction: Bid on exclusive items, including memorabilia, art, and unique experiences, with all proceeds directly benefiting the preservation efforts of the War in the Pacific National Historical Park.
  5. Culinary Delights: Indulge in a culinary journey inspired by the flavors of the Pacific islands. Sample a range of dishes and beverages that pay homage to the cultural diversity of the region.
  6. Interactive Workshops: Engage in hands-on workshops that delve into various aspects of WWII history, from decoding messages to experiencing the challenges of military life through simulations.
  7. Guided Nighttime Tours: Embark on guided tours of the historical park under the stars, allowing you to witness the site's transformation as it becomes an evocative testament to its past.
  8. Fundraising Initiatives: Participate in creative fundraising activities throughout the evening, such as contributing to the "Buy a Brick, Build History" campaign, which supports the construction of educational facilities within the park.
  9. Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow history enthusiasts, community leaders, and supporters who share a passion for preserving the Pacific's wartime heritage.
  10. Commemorative Souvenirs: Take home special commemorative souvenirs that serve as a reminder of your contribution to the preservation and appreciation of this vital historical site.

Tickets for the Pacific Heritage Gala are limited and can be purchased in advance through our website. By attending this event, you'll be supporting ongoing efforts to maintain the War in the Pacific National Historical Park and ensure that its stories continue to inspire and educate generations to come.

Let's come together to celebrate the past, honor the sacrifices made, and pave the way for a future that embraces the lessons of history. Your presence and support at the Pacific Heritage Gala will make a meaningful difference in the preservation of this cherished landmark.

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