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Pearl Harbor National Memorial

Pearl Harbor National Memorial provides insight into the cataclysmic event that launched the United States into World War II. Here in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii we offer an experience of history coming alive for our youth. Join Pacific Historic Parks Education Department as we provide a memorable and enlightening experience that inspires our youth to remember, honor, and understand the sacrifices of our military and members of the Greatest Generation.

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The Legacy of Pearl Harbor

Educating our schools, community and the world Standards-based programs for PreK to 12th grade. Supporting higher education and our community.


The Legacy of Pearl Harbor is a standards-based curriculum designed to educate local, mainland, and international students and educators to instill historical and cultural knowledge through place-based learning at Pearl Harbor National Memorial, education institutions and community sites.

Core Curriculum


The Legacy
of Pearl Harbor

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History Talks



Living the Legacy
of Pearl Harbor


Peace Education &
Collaborative Endeavor


The Path Towards Reconciliation, Forgiveness, and Peace

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Beyond the


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