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Hasso yan Onra Series

Our people who survived World War II endured the atrocities of war and bravely recount their experiences as they witnessed their island home transform during and after the Japanese thirty-two month occupation.

Mañenggon  | Pacific Historic Parks' Hasso yan Onra (Remember and Honor)
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In the summer of 1944, Japanese forces ordered the entire population of Guam to walk from their home villages to concentration camps across the island.  Over 18,000 CHamorus marched to the largest camp: Mañenggon.  Listen to Col. Joaquin “Danny” S. Santos, Jr., USMC Ret. share his story of the harrowing journey to Mañenggon, the efforts of his elders to keep him and his family members safe, and the lessons he learned from this violent time in Guam’s history.

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