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Open OutDoors for Kids

Pacific Historic Parks in partnership with the National Park Service on Saipan are inviting all 4th graders to participate in our program, “A Ride into History at American Memorial Park” funded by the National Park Foundation Open OutDoors for Kids grant. The Open OutDoors for Kids program works to build on a child’s innate wonder and curiosity about the natural world and connects students to their national parks through field trips, classroom engagements, and educational activities. Using the resources of our national parks, the program connects more children to their culture and heritage, enhances hands-on learning opportunities, and deepens connections to the natural world through placed-based activities. 

A Ride into History at American Memorial Park strives to create lifelong national park stewards and help students, teachers, and families feel welcomed and supported as they explore their national park. The program uses a three-touch approach, which includes a school visit, field trip and reflection activity to complete the program. We provide opportunities for learning outside of the classroom by having teachers and students experience their national park and explore the great outdoors, learning about the park’s mission and how it connects to other historical sites around the islands of the Northern Mariana Islands. Each year, we reach over 600 fourth grade students from throughout the Northern Mariana Islands, not only welcoming students on Saipan to American Memorial Park, but also bringing the park to them through virtual programs and in-person visits that reach fourth grade students on the islands of Tinian and Rota.

For more information on the National Park Foundation Open OutDoors for Kids Grant Program at American Memorial Park, please contact Jovannalyn Mafnas, Pacific Historic Parks Education Specialist at or (670) 234-7207 Ext: 2020/2007.

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